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For this blog post I used The New York Times. The title of the article is “Coronavirus Disrupts Travel Plans Across Asia.'

In the news article it opens up with it talking about the coronavirus making the travelers and tourists think about their trip to China while the outbreak is going on. The airlines, hotels and other services are also delaying the flights into China. It also talks about other parts of China too and not just Wuhan. They are not giving out their information about this time about their services due to the corona virus outbreak.

Overseas Adventure Travel president Mr. Fitzgerald said there are a lot of cancellations of trips to China. They are considering giving the people that made reservations with the company to refund their purchases to the people who made plans to go to China.  

In this article it talks a lot of companies that make money off of tourists and travels are cancelling the flights to not just China but the rest of Asia. The flights to the United States and the rest of the world are also cancelling. The fear of the passengers getting the virus is making everything decline and there were stats on the article.  

A concept that I thought is worth talking about that I found in this article was Overseas Adventure Travel and the geographical concept the reading has is Overseas Chinese. The meaning of Overseas Chinese means who are descendents of people that borned Chinese live outside the area. Overseas Adventure Travel is a company. And I thought both of them had the same meaning but they did not.  

Elton Chanar

April 10, 2020

Countries: Greenland and Uruguay



108.7 Males per 100 Females

0 People per square kilometer

2.0 children per woman

Current Population: 57.7K

Estimated Population 2050: 49.4K


93.7 Males per 100 Females

19.3 People per square kilometer

1.8 children per woman

Current Population: 3.4 million

Estimated Population 2050: 3.5 million

  1. The population for Greenland for the age group 0-4 has a percentage of a little less than 4% for both male and female. For Uruguay both male and female percentage is a little over 3%. The birth rate for both countries are approximately the same but the birthrates for Greenland is higher than Uruguay. The population for Uruguay would increase over time and Greenland population would decrease over time. The death rate for Greenland is way fewer than Uruguay does.

The population for Greenland right now is 57.7K and the expected population for 2050 is 49.4K. The population for Uruguay is 3.4M and the expected population for 2050 is 3.4M. The population pyramid for Greenland would shrink for the birth rates and Urguays would expand.

For this blog post, I used the website The New York Times. The title of the article is “Pope Francis Sets Aside Proposal on Married Priest'

In the article there has been a proposal set by priests to be married. This proposal is mostly linked to the South American realm in the Amazon area for the priests and deacons to see if they can get married or not. This proposal would get affected globally because the Roman Catholic Church is obviously not in one realm and it can be found in many places in the world.  

After the dismissal of the proposal by Pope Francis, the conservatives were in relief. The reason for this could be because of the traditions and taboos they have in Roman Catholic. According to the article, there have been exceptions made for priests to be married in these areas for the South American realm because they are in need of more priests to run the program.

If they allowed priests in the Amazon regions, this would influence other priests in other parts of the world to want to get married too because the priests are getting married in South America. They are calling this a threat because of that. In the article it also talks about the Pope Francis called it quits on deforestation listening to the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon to protect the trees. The conservatives are also saying the Indigenous beliefs would conflict with the Roman Catholic.

With the exceptions made for the priests and deacons to get married were clear with reasoning. The article stated that they are fruitful and the people of the Amazon area are working and doing their job. Pope Francis also said there should be more women to get more involved with leading and get roles at their church. The results for this conclusion is overcoming the conflicts. The concepts that I see in the book are not used in the article. I know they are able to be used and would be helpful but it is still helpful.

For this blog post, I used the website, The Christian Science Monitor. The title of the article is "At Moscow university, a debate: Ban politics or risk the Kremlin's wrath?"

In the article, it talks about university students and professors protesting on banning political events that happen on campus in Moscow, Russia. They are talking about what the should do to not have political arguments and to make it politically neutral place for students. If they were to talk politics the university shouldn't be involved. The students are unhappy because they have a student media that is going to be shut down due to new rules being applied to the university. What I found in the article is that it did not have maps shown in the reading. I just found that there was locations that were written like "Mass protest against electoral manipulations by city authorities raged throughout downtown Moscow last summer" and I wasn't able to picture the place but that is the one. It would be helpful if there were visual maps of where it was taken place.

Hello, my name is Elton Chanar and my Yup'ik name is Canaar. I am a junior at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and I am going to pursue a Bachelors of Arts degree in Rural Development. Currently, I am in the GER program so this class that I am in is required for my GERs. My application is in the process for the RD program. I took a geography class when I was in either middle school or high school.