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"Anger Erupts in China After Teen Says Guardian Repeatedly Raped Her"

An eighteen year old, Xingxing, comes out with her story about a successful businessman in Beijing raping her for years. When she was fourteen years old, her mother sent her to this man to be her caretaker. But instead, she was raped by him for many years. Since the accusations arose, Bao Yuming denied all wrongdoing and he has been let go from his position at a huge oil company in eastern China.

Xingxing stated that Bao became abusive really fast, once he became her guardian. And with her speaking about her experiences, it is believed to be extremely important in the country's #MeToo movement. Her accusations spread through social media, lawyers, activists, intellectuals, and celebrities. Everyone is expressing their support for her. Many people are even saying that China needs to do more to prevent sexual assault on children.

Some geographic concepts involved in this article consist of location, region, patterns, and size and scale. The article talks about where this stuff is located. It's happening in China, eastern Asia. After Xingxing came out with her story, we are seeing a pattern arise of others, who were sexually abused, standing up. With size and scale, that is where the #MeToo movement comes in. Despite China's strict Communist Party's limit, this place of activism is growing and it should be expected to continue to grow.

"Think Politics Are Bad in the U.S.? Welcome to Venezuela"

While the economy is in desperate need and in an economic decline, the people of Venezuela are angry. There are protests in the streets and the president, Nicolas Maduro, isn't doing anything about it. He begins to insult the political issues, puts out a dance with a radio show, then goes to give a speech about how they [the opposition] would gain control.

Maduro isn't showing any clear signs of even wanting to try to pull Venezuela out of political and economic problems. Due to this, there has been a suspension to all of the protests in the street. But, people are thinking that this is only happening to give Maduro some time by having people in the street, angry and upset.

Some geographic concepts in this article is in fact, the relationship between the president, opposition leaders, and the citizens of Venezuela. The president has no intention of taking Venezuela out of an economic crisis and the opposition leaders are impacted by this. Then of course, the citizens are impacted the most because of the fact that they don't have money for food and other living supplies. They aren't in great hands.

"Saudi-Russian Alliance Is Strained as Coronavirus Saps Demand for Oil"

According to the article, Russia and Saudi Arabia have not been on good terms lately. Because of the coronavirus outbreak in China, the two big oil producers are trying to figure out a new source of oil production. The oil minister of Saudi Arabia has been trying to negotiate new cuts with Moscow but, they seem to be going about things at a slower pace to consider the proposal of oil cuts. There is a question about if Russia and Sadi Arabia are on the same page but still, it seems as if Putin will play along and benefit from negotiations.

The geographic aspects of this article take place in Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

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