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I am writing this blog on an article made by CNBC on the recently built Russia-China oil pipeline. The original article is linked at the bottom. The article is titled

"Russia opens Siberian pipeline to China as Beijing expands its influence in the Arctic"

This pipeline is being built near Belogorsk is Russia. It will stretch a total of 3000 Km to the arctic where Russia has a large resource of oil. It will eventually connect all the way down into Shanghai where China will be able to use the oil. This has some of the western world, especially the United States, a little on their toes because it increases china's control of the arctic slightly and cements Russia's position in the arctic. This article is primarily about control of the arctic as it is a huge area that is relatively unclaimed.



My name is Zakary Skinner and I am a 1st or second-year student at UAF. I am a cripple from an accident that happened in 2018. I am currently in the hospital so this class is going to be a little weird for me in the beginning.

I have studied geography before although it was quite a while ago (Junior High). When I did take the class I was pretty good at it and it was an easy A for me as I have always been good with geography-related topics.

This course is not a requirement for my degree.

For the introductory class-map, I put Fairbanks medical hospital as the place I was born. I also still live in Fairbanks and haven't moved anywhere else. The place I most want to visit and the place I will most likely move is in Washington because most of my friends live there.