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Russia joins the climate crusade - in its own way

During 2019 wildfires raged across Russia so much so that at it's highest point 2.6 million hectares of land were on fire. This and other situations brought to culmination the issues the   peoples of Russia having been fighting the Kremlin about concerning global warming. Currently the issue of a Green Party to expand the scientific and public knowledge about the issues global warming is causing Russia are underway. Though they do not look promising as their have been attempts for similar programs in the past which have all ultimately failed.

The issues of global warming in Russia are not correlated to one specific area, as most of Russia is considered to have a humid cold climate. Areas of tundra similar to north western Alaska are covered in permafrost throughout the year. In areas such as Chersky in Northeast Siberia this permafrost is melting releasing massive amounts of animal waste from thousands of years ago in puddles of ooze in the lakes surrounded by tundra. Methane bubbles trapped in ice flows and also in permafrost which tundra lays a top of is also releasing this methane. This not only affects the people living in these areas but also the geographical proportions of land. With the higher temperatures this means the introduction of new species to areas they are unaccustomed to as they search for somewhere to breed and live.

Hello everyone. My name is Evelyn Oxereok. I am currently studying Natural Sciences though I would like to switch to Elementary Education (K-8). This course would be a requirement for the Elementary Education degree and also a GER for my current degree. I believe I studied a small amount of geography as a part of a history class in the sixth grade. I have not gone further than this though so I am very excited to see what I can learn from this course and from all of you. I was born in Amherst, NY but I was raised in Alaska because one of my parents is Alaskan Native as am I. I currently live in Northway, Ak as a K-2 aide. I would love to visit Machu Picchu in the future because of the wonderful history it provides to all archaeologists and anthropologists as well as its architecture.