Population Blog

The two countries I chose to compare are Germany and Italy.
Males per 100 females: 96.3
People per sq. km: 229.9
Number of children per woman: 1.5
Current population: 80.2 million
Estimated population: 71.5 million

Males per 100 females: 93
People per sq. km: 212.2
Number of children per woman: 1.5
Current population: 62.4 million
Estimated population: 61.4 million
The children per woman is exact which I find a little weird since the current population in Germany is much higher than the current in Italy. There is also a big difference between the estimated populations, Italy is expecting a small drop of 1.1 million while Germany expects a drop of 8.7 million between now and the year of 2050. This compares to the pyramids pretty well since in Germany, there is a significant drop in population at the ages of 45-49 compared to the ages of 50-54 while Italy's pyramid is pretty smooth with no significant dips or drops in it.