Blog: South America

Blog participation (20 points)

While studying the Russian realm, you looked at current events of the realm and discussed the geographic terms and concepts found within those news stories. This week, you will do the same with South America.

Some things to consider:
- Choose a news story, not an opinion piece. Good sources for stories are listed below.
- Make sure your news story takes place within South America.
- Now that you have read five chapters of the book, you are familiar with many geographic terms and concepts. You might want to peruse the Concepts, Ideas, and Terms lists at the start each chapter as a reminder of some things that might appear in your stories.

Your task for Blog: South America
Find a current event article that takes place in the South American realm.
Locate the geographic aspects in the news story.
Write a blog post that includes ALL of the following:
- the link to your article
- the title of your article
- brief summary of the article
- brief explanation of the geographic concepts involved in the story

Here are some possible news sources for this assignment:
New York Times World News:
International Herald Tribune:
BBC World News:
Reuters World News:
Time World:
The Christian Science Monitor World News: