Russia Blog

For this blog post, I used the website, The Christian Science Monitor. The title of the article is "At Moscow university, a debate: Ban politics or risk the Kremlin's wrath?"

In the article, it talks about university students and professors protesting on banning political events that happen on campus in Moscow, Russia. They are talking about what the should do to not have political arguments and to make it politically neutral place for students. If they were to talk politics the university shouldn't be involved. The students are unhappy because they have a student media that is going to be shut down due to new rules being applied to the university. What I found in the article is that it did not have maps shown in the reading. I just found that there was locations that were written like "Mass protest against electoral manipulations by city authorities raged throughout downtown Moscow last summer" and I wasn't able to picture the place but that is the one. It would be helpful if there were visual maps of where it was taken place.