East and Southeast Asia – ‘Rona Disrupts Travel Plans

For this blog post I used The New York Times. The title of the article is “Coronavirus Disrupts Travel Plans Across Asia.'


In the news article it opens up with it talking about the coronavirus making the travelers and tourists think about their trip to China while the outbreak is going on. The airlines, hotels and other services are also delaying the flights into China. It also talks about other parts of China too and not just Wuhan. They are not giving out their information about this time about their services due to the corona virus outbreak.

Overseas Adventure Travel president Mr. Fitzgerald said there are a lot of cancellations of trips to China. They are considering giving the people that made reservations with the company to refund their purchases to the people who made plans to go to China.  

In this article it talks a lot of companies that make money off of tourists and travels are cancelling the flights to not just China but the rest of Asia. The flights to the United States and the rest of the world are also cancelling. The fear of the passengers getting the virus is making everything decline and there were stats on the article.  

A concept that I thought is worth talking about that I found in this article was Overseas Adventure Travel and the geographical concept the reading has is Overseas Chinese. The meaning of Overseas Chinese means who are descendents of people that borned Chinese live outside the area. Overseas Adventure Travel is a company. And I thought both of them had the same meaning but they did not.