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Males per 100 females: 96.3

People per square Kilometer: 229.9

Number of children per woman:1.5

Current Population 80.2M

Estimated population in 2050: 71.5M


Males per 100 females: 93.9

people per square kilometer: 344.3

number of children per woman: 1.4

current population: 125.5M

Estimated population in 2050: 107.2M


what does the structure of the population pyramids indicates the stage of the population               transition   for each graph and what does it tell you about the death rate and birth rate ?

it tells us that the death rate and the birth rate rise in 2050

The title of my article is  "South America Is in a Quandary. Just Like the United States."

This article is about how the people of South America is protesting  because they want to have better economy, they are tired of having to pay for expensive buss fares or high fuel prices. But it became more serious when they felt like the people who are in charge of the country where abandoning them and not helping them.



The title of my article is "Russia says plane "almost hit" by anti-aircraft fire in Syria"  

This article is about how Russia media claimed that a plane in syria was force to              reroute after it was almost hit by the country's missile defense system.

hello class!

          My name is Yulissa Medina, I am currently a sophomore. My major is psychology and my minor is in English, I need to take this class because it is one of my electives that I am required to take. I have studied geography before in high school so I am kinda nervous to see how this goes.   I know this is going to be a great semester and I'm excited to learn lots of new and interesting things.