Blog: East Asia

Expedition Earth: Introduction to Geography
Blog Assignment: Current Events in East and Southeast Asia

Blog participation (20 points)

This is the third and final blog in which you will discuss current events of a realm and discuss the geographic terms and concepts found within those news stories.

Here is an example that is from last year (you news article will be more recent):

In July 2013, a law was passed in China requiring children of parents older than 60 to visit them “frequently'.   Many factors likely led to the passage of this law, including the long-standing one-child policy, the hukou system, and the steady population shift from rural to urban centers that has taken place in recent decades.   As your text states, an important outcome of the one-child policy “was that China’s became an aging population as its proportion of youngsters shrank while the older age cohorts mushroomed'.

Your task for Blog: East Asia:
1) Find a current event article that takes place in either the East Asian or Southeast Asian realm.
2) Locate the geographic aspects in the news story.
3) Write a blog post that includes ALL of the following:
- the link to your article
- the title of your article
- brief summary of the article
- brief explanation of the geographic concepts involved in the story

Some things to consider:
1) Choose a news story, not an opinion piece. Good sources for stories are listed below.
2) Make sure your news story takes place within East Asia or Southeast Asia.
3) Check out your classmates’ blog posts for Blog 9 and try to find a unique news story.
4) By now, you are familiar with many geographic terms and concepts.   You might want to peruse the Concepts, Ideas, and Terms lists at the start each chapter as a reminder of the geographic connections that might appear in your stories.

Here are some possible news sources for this assignment:
New York Times World News:
International Herald Tribune:
BBC World News:
Reuters World News:
Time World:
The Christian Science Monitor World News: