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For this weeks article, I found one on the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus the title of this article is as follows: Coronavirus Finds Fuel in a World of Migrants  this article is about how the Coronavirus has spread rapidly through the migrant population of all parts of the World especially in counties like Thailand, Singapore, India, Afghanistan, Iran. The reason for this rapid spread in these counties is first tried to when they close down their borders with their Neighbors, which for the migrant population panicked in these countries which caused the spread to happen faster and hit this part of the population hard as well as losing their jobs overnight in some countries.   Along with some of the quarantine areas that these people are having to live in since most are in extremely close-quarters and not well-maintained Buildings and toilets especially. This article connects to geography by how the migrant population has had to move across country borders that not only made the spread worse and spread to other areas.

For this week's blog post the two countries I have chosen are France and the United Kingdom that I will compare for the demographic transition model (DTM) so here are the two characteristics for the two counties:


Males per 100 Females = 95.9

People per square kilometer=105.6

Number of children per woman=2.1

Current Population=67.6M

Estimated Population 2050=69.5


United Kingdom  

Males per 100 Females=99.2

People per square kilometer=270.5

Number of children per woman=1.9

Current Population=65.4M

Estimated Population 2050=71.2M


From the Data shown on the DTM Graphs both France and the United Kingdom seem to both have a relatively large portion of their populations in the ages of 50-54 and 55-59 for which around 3.2% to 3.4% respectfully, where the two counties begin to deviate from each other significantly is one in France the average age for a Women to be over the age of 85+ is 2.3% which compared to the United Kingdom is only 1.7% while on the men side of things is about the same for this group at 1.1% in France and 0.9% in the United Kingdom. Another area the separates France and The United Kingdom is in what the Projections for Population growth will be 25.3 more in the United Kingdom than in France in 2050 even when in France the er of children per woman is 2.1 compared to The United Kingdom`s 1.8.


The title of this week's article is One of the world’s most endangered forests originally planted by ancient South Americans, discover archaeologists.

In this weeks article is about the as the title suggest is about one of the worlds oldest Forests and more importantly a specific tree that is in most of these forests that are the Monkey Puzzle tree for which there are 19 species of this type of tree and 5 of them are on the endangered species list while 2 of them on on the critically endangered species list. This forest of these Monkey Puzzle trees are found in parts of Chile, Brazil, and Argentina, where a researcher has asked the question of how did these special trees get to South America?

Well, he found that they had not been just spread around these parts of South America normally by natural processes but more by a bit of human intervention from the Southern Je indigenous people that began to take the trees into different parts of Chile, Brazil, and Argentina the reason for this is they had been using the trees for timber, fuel, food, and resin. But unfortunately, where the indigenous people try to plant the trees were not geography or the most suitable places for these old trees, this was found when the trees would only grow on the Southside of most of the places they were planted because of Climate and the geography that they were placed on as well as they would not grow as tall.

The title of the Article I pick for this week's assignment on Russia is: After a String of Nuclear Incidents, Russia Just Launched a Floating Nuclear Power Plant. Is It Safe?

This article is about the recently launched Vessel that has two nuclear power plants built into it called Akademik Lomonosov, this new ship is to be launched from the Arctic city of Murmansk, Russia from there the destination of this ship will be to travel 2,900 miles to the Arctic port city of Pevek for where it will be stationed and turned into a fully functioning nuclear power plant that will supply that city of 4,000 people with power the equivalent of 70 megawatts of electric power and 50 Giga calories of heat energy every hour to the city for which this potential energy generation could sustain a population of 100,000 people.

Now with this great energy power that Russia`s plan on using on this boat does not come without some major concerns from many in the international community considering how Russia has a relatively bad reputation when it comes to working with nuclear power. What concerns them the most is how Russia does not always have that best way of being transparent when it comes to working with nuclear power or asking for aid when a problem arises, along with some environmental concerns as well from such groups as Greenpeace.

But on the other had some people think that Russia`s new nuclear power plant ship will be a great success for the country and possibly the world, some say that this is something that is not new to Russian ships since they have been putting nuclear reactors on Ice-breakers and submarines for years and the reactors that have been built into the vessel are the same KLT-40S they have used for those same ships.   Now only time will tell how this new vessel will do and how it will change the geography for the Russian people and quite possibly the world.


My name is D. Jonathan Biggerstaff and I am a first-year student at UAF but have just graduated from UAA in logistics and supply chain management.   I also have graduated from Culinary Arts with Advanced Savory and Pastries.   I studied Geography in High School.   This course is a requirement for my studies.

I was born in Palmer, AK. and my family has been homesteading for many generations north of Talkeetna, AK.   I live in Talkeetna, but work between Wasilla and Talkeetna. I own a farm/ranch/kennel business and work as a private Chef for an elderly person. Someday, I would like to visit England and other countries in Europe.