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      The article I found on the gas pipeline “Nord stream 2' was quite fascinating. The Gas pipeline would be 760 miles under the Baltic Sea. The pipeline would stretch along the original pipeline “Nord stream' From Ust-Luga, Russia to Greifswald, Germany increasing the gas going under the Baltic sea to 55 Billion cubic meters per year. This would Double the capacity to distribute gas from Russia into Europe. Russia as a whole already distributes 40% of Gas in Europe. Where the EU would prefer to get their gas from Norway and the United States. Because of this second pipeline Ukraine is worried because along with the TurkStream project which is the “TurkStream is the first system with a diameter of 81 centimeters to be laid at depths exceeding 2 kilometers. The two offshore pipelines are made up of thousands of individual pipe joints of 12 meters in length'( This will make it more likely for Russia to be able to bypass the Ukrainian pipelines.    

Article: Nord Stream 2: Go-ahead for Russian gas pipeline angers Ukraine

Hello! My name is Morgan. I studied geography in k-12 school before so its been a little while, but I am excited to learn more. This is a course requirement for my Elementary Education degree. The the three locations I put on the map were The place I was born St. Louis MO, the place I currently live Fairbanks AK, and The place I most would like to visit which was Japan to go skiing there.