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My name is Jamie Foode, and I am a senior at UAF. My degree program is Land and Resource Management through the Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development department. I have studied geography before through several means, mostly for backcountry travel and plotting courses for aircraft and fishing vessels. I’ve also used geo spatial recognition to relay imperative information to commercial and research fishing vessels during aerial surveys. I have a collection of nautical charts that I will NOT part with, since NOAA stopped publishing charts in 2014. This course is a requirement for my degree.

As per the Introductory Class Map, my place of birth is Cordova, Alaska. This is also my current residence. My destination vacation zone is Greece, because of the amazing natural beauty the country offers and the proximity to the sea. I suppose I’ve spent enough of my life trying to stay outta the drink on Alaskan fishing vessels surrounded by 55 degree Fahrenheit seas that a lovely, peaceful, warm beach somewhere sounds like pure, blissful heaven.