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Why Coronavirus Cases Have Spiked in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan

This article contains information on a spike in coronavirus cases in the countries of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, with the first cases coming from Wuhan, China these countries have began to notice that new cases are more commonly linked to imported cases such as students, tour groups, and migrant worker than local transmissions. A geographical concepts that could be that a majority of the Taiwan population is Chinese and Taiwan is also described as an asian tiger which means that Taiwan's growth is mainly in exports but with sophisticated finance and trade. These two can be an way to explain what the travel to Taiwan could be for and why cases have increased due to outside sources.


  • Males per 100 females-93.2
  • People per square kilometer-75.9
  • Number of children per woman-1.4
  • Current Population- 4.2M
  • Estimated Population in 2050- 3.5M

Croatia's population pyramids is in stage four, the population in 2050 is expected to decrease. While is does look like the birthrate is more then the death rate, but it also looks like the population will take a decrease as the population of 20-24 through 0-4 is not as steady as the years before them.


  • Maleas per 100 females- 86.1
  • People per square kilometer- 8.7
  • Number of children per woman-1.6
  • Current Population- 141.9 M
  • Estimated Population in 2050- 129.9M

Russia's population pyramids is in stage three , the population in 2050 is expected to decrease. It looks like the population is mainly 30-34 years old and that the birthrate is slowly decreasing, with the death rate going to increase.



'I Can't Stop': In Vast Informal Economy, Pandemic Adds to Pressure - link

The article entails information are the Middle America's response to the COVID-19 outbreak, mainly focusing on the impact that it will have on the Economic system. With a majority of Middle America not having jobs that could be done from home, "with jobs that put them in contact with strangers and then retiring at day's end to overcrowded home", and the weak public health systems.  A geographic concept that is involved in the story are: Ejidos which are communally owned farms of 20 or more people, this concepts shows the issue where jobs that can't be done by staying at home and are done with many other people.

Putin Reject Oil Deal With Belarus, Increasing Pressure for Merger

A meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and President Alexsandr G Lukashenko of Belarus where they discussed Russia providing cut-rate oil supplies for Belarus' failing economy. Russia has rejected the plea and instead plan to untied the two countries making Belarus a union state. Russia has since stoped selling oil to Belarus and they have since bought oil from Norway.  Belarus is a country to the north of Russia, to the south of Lithuania, to the east of Poland, and to the west of Ukraine. Since Belarus was a former Soviet land and fear an repture from Russia. Geographically Belarus is right next to Russia and is dependent on Russian oil supplies which doesn't put them in the best of places.

Hi, I'm Julia Benedict. I've only really did as much geography as I had to because I'm really bad with maps don't trust any directions I give, I never really had a class focused on geography it's more of once a year I'd have to take the U.S states test. I'm currently aiming for a Digital Journalism major, and I might try to double or triple major by adding English and History majors in, so geography is a nice class to use as a general to see if I would like to continue taking geography classes.

I was born and raised in Colorado, born in Louisville, I was the only one of my ten siblings born there is they call it loserville. When I'm not in school I live in Thornton, Colorado my house is right on the border so some people consider it Brighton, Westminster, or Lafayette. The place I want to go to the most is St. Petersburg Russia, I love Russian history and I hope to go there for my year abroad.