South America

For this blog post, I used the website The New York Times. The title of the article is “Pope Francis Sets Aside Proposal on Married Priest'

In the article there has been a proposal set by priests to be married. This proposal is mostly linked to the South American realm in the Amazon area for the priests and deacons to see if they can get married or not. This proposal would get affected globally because the Roman Catholic Church is obviously not in one realm and it can be found in many places in the world.  

After the dismissal of the proposal by Pope Francis, the conservatives were in relief. The reason for this could be because of the traditions and taboos they have in Roman Catholic. According to the article, there have been exceptions made for priests to be married in these areas for the South American realm because they are in need of more priests to run the program.

If they allowed priests in the Amazon regions, this would influence other priests in other parts of the world to want to get married too because the priests are getting married in South America. They are calling this a threat because of that. In the article it also talks about the Pope Francis called it quits on deforestation listening to the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon to protect the trees. The conservatives are also saying the Indigenous beliefs would conflict with the Roman Catholic.

With the exceptions made for the priests and deacons to get married were clear with reasoning. The article stated that they are fruitful and the people of the Amazon area are working and doing their job. Pope Francis also said there should be more women to get more involved with leading and get roles at their church. The results for this conclusion is overcoming the conflicts. The concepts that I see in the book are not used in the article. I know they are able to be used and would be helpful but it is still helpful.