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The two countries I chose to compare are Germany and Italy.
Males per 100 females: 96.3
People per sq. km: 229.9
Number of children per woman: 1.5
Current population: 80.2 million
Estimated population: 71.5 million

Males per 100 females: 93
People per sq. km: 212.2
Number of children per woman: 1.5
Current population: 62.4 million
Estimated population: 61.4 million
The children per woman is exact which I find a little weird since the current population in Germany is much higher than the current in Italy. There is also a big difference between the estimated populations, Italy is expecting a small drop of 1.1 million while Germany expects a drop of 8.7 million between now and the year of 2050. This compares to the pyramids pretty well since in Germany, there is a significant drop in population at the ages of 45-49 compared to the ages of 50-54 while Italy's pyramid is pretty smooth with no significant dips or drops in it.

Title: Large, Troubled Companies Got Bailout Money in Small-Business Loan Program


Due to the coronavirus, tons and ton of businesses are losing tens of millions of dollars as they aren't getting any customers and most businesses closed down. The US government set up a loan program that has recently been giving businesses large amounts of cash. Its said the loan was originally meant for businesses that couldn't finance themselves but is now used being used improperly. The money has been improperly placed, isn't being repaid, or is continuously being given to the companies without being repaid first. Now they are making attempts in fixing the problem with little to no consequences. Businesses are a huge part of the US's economy, the US is also one of the wealthiest countries even if it in debt

When an Oil Price War Meets Coronavirus Fears, Markets Get Punched in the Face

A major price war between two of the worlds largest oil industries is interrupted by the fast spreading coronavirus. With the people fearing the worse and going out and buying a ton of oil the prices have dropped by at least 30%. The airports that rely on oil and other industries should benefit from this but they expect the prices to drop another 5-10% in the coming years.

Hello, my names Kathleen Teets but I like to be called Kathy for short. I was born in Beaver Falls, PA and officially moved to Fairbanks, AK about a year ago. I wouldn't say I'm from one area in particular since I was a military brat for the entire first portion of my life. I decided move to Alaska after living here with my parents for almost six years. I have never taken a class on geography but have always been interested in the topic. This actually isn't entirely needed for my degree either and I'm mainly taking this out of curiosity and for fun. I hope to learn something I haven't learned already and hope to have fun with this class.

The three places on the class map:

  1. Beaver Falls, PA (Birthplace)
  2.  Fairbanks, AK (Current residence)
  3.  Masai Mara, Kenya Africa (Where I want to visit)