Population Blog.

Elton Chanar

April 10, 2020

Countries: Greenland and Uruguay



108.7 Males per 100 Females

0 People per square kilometer

2.0 children per woman

Current Population: 57.7K

Estimated Population 2050: 49.4K


93.7 Males per 100 Females

19.3 People per square kilometer

1.8 children per woman

Current Population: 3.4 million

Estimated Population 2050: 3.5 million

  1. The population for Greenland for the age group 0-4 has a percentage of a little less than 4% for both male and female. For Uruguay both male and female percentage is a little over 3%. The birth rate for both countries are approximately the same but the birthrates for Greenland is higher than Uruguay. The population for Uruguay would increase over time and Greenland population would decrease over time. The death rate for Greenland is way fewer than Uruguay does.

The population for Greenland right now is 57.7K and the expected population for 2050 is 49.4K. The population for Uruguay is 3.4M and the expected population for 2050 is 3.4M. The population pyramid for Greenland would shrink for the birth rates and Urguays would expand.