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Why Russia Starts So Many Conflicts On Its Own Borders

To Protect its borders, Russia shatters its borderlands. Because of this, Russia's Eurasian borderlands have become an uninterrupted expanse of armed conflict and war. It is part of Russias foreign policy strategy. Over the past two decades, Russia has exploited existing regional conflicts and cleavages, and created new ones. This has prevented neighboring states from turning into more organic regional groupings. However, some parts of Russia say they are a security provider and peace broker, while others are direct parties in these border conflicts. Geographically, some of the countries opt to stay out of this while their neighbors join in on the Russian backed organizations.


My name is Alison Trubacz and I am a Junior at UAF studying to get my degree in Business Administration. As I pinned in the map exercise, I was born in Fairbanks, live in North Pole, and would love to visit Paris one day! I am a mother to two young children and also work full time as an Administrative Assistant at The North Pole Police Department. I enjoy hunting, fishing, riding horses, and spending time with my family.

I have studied Geography once before as a requirement in High School but other than that I have not studied much Geography at all! I am taking this course because it is a requirement for my degree but I am also excited to learn more about geography as a whole.