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Thailand mulls emergency decree for 'big' economic stimulus

This article explains how the corona virus has badly damaged the tourism and domestic consumption in South-east Asia. Their economy is declining 5.3 per cent. When people stop coming to a certain place that has been visited for many years, the environment changes. The air pollution decreases due to less people on the streets driving. This causes less harmful gases into our atmosphere. Less people mean less chances getting the corona virus on the streets.

Taylor Lewis

2.) China and Ethiopia

3.)  China:

Males per 100 Females — 105.6

People per square kilometer — 149.0

Number of children per woman — 1.6

Current Population — 1.4B

Estimated Population 2050 — 1.3B


Males per 100 Females — 99.5

People per square kilometer — 96.1

Number of children per woman - 4.2

Current Population — 105.4M

Estimated Population 2050 — 196.2M

4/5.)  For China, the current population is 1.4 billion but for 2050, it decreases to 1.3 billion people. For Ethiopia the current population is 105.4 million, for the 2050 population is 196.2 million. It increases instead of decreasing the China does. The pyramid for Ethiopia has a wider base than China does. China does not get wide until between 30-34 and 50-54.

Chicken from UK supermarkets and fast-food chains ‘fueling mass forest loss in South America’

 This article is about the mass production of these soya that is being used to feed the chicken in the UK and the rest of the world. Deforestation is happening due to the growing number of poultry around the world.

The forests are being torn down each year causing the worlds most biodiverse savannah to fall apart. Many of these forests help cut back greenhouse gases and climate changes. This changes where animal may live or they many die off. This could cause dramatic changes to the people’s environment.

Article: Russia to boost Venezuela ties amid US Pressures

This article was about Russia helping Venezuela help the South American nation deal with the growing US pressures. The US has imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s airline Conviasa. Russia provided military boost and economic cooperation’s with Venezuela. Mr. Lavrov basically say that Russia is giving Venezuela full support with economic, commercial and investments in South America. A geographic concept that is involved with this story is spatial interaction. Russia is giving military items and also some other resources to Venezuela to help support the South American nation from the US growing pressures.

Hi everyone, my name is Taylor Lewis. I have study geography in k-12. This class is a requirement for my degree but I am really excited to study it again. I was born in Boston, live on Eielson AFB, and I would love to visit Japan for the food. One fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother.