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Russia Expands National Park to Protect Franz Josef Land Archipelago: National Geographic Applauds Move to Protect Area of Critical Biological Importance

What has happened is that Russia has a beautiful piece of land that has some endangered species such as narwhals, polar bears, walruses, and bowhead whales, and they have declared it a national park. The land they declared a national park includes the Franz Josef Land archipelago, which is considered to be one of the most northern points in Russia which is inhabited by only military personal. It is also the largest piece of protected land on the Arctic Ocean. That is the geographical importance of this land. This is key land as I said earlier it is home to many endangered species which protects the animals and the land they inhabit. The land is also crucial in the sense of Biological Importance because of Global Warming and the fact that this region is melting away. This move has landed much applause from many environmental groups, and has kind of set a standard for what the world should be doing   to help save our beautiful Earth.

My name is Zachary Greenberg and I have studied geography a couple of times throughout high school. I had an actual geography class in high school where we studied the mountains, rivers, and volcanoes of North America and then the other famous landmarks of the world. Also in high school my World History class had a map portion of it in which we had to study and learn about the features of the regions we were studying whether it was mountains or rivers or in the case of India, plateau's.   But that is the extent of my geography knowledge.

This course is a requirement for my degree in elementary education.