Population Geography

For this week's blog post the two countries I have chosen are France and the United Kingdom that I will compare for the demographic transition model (DTM) so here are the two characteristics for the two counties:


Males per 100 Females = 95.9

People per square kilometer=105.6

Number of children per woman=2.1

Current Population=67.6M

Estimated Population 2050=69.5


United Kingdom  

Males per 100 Females=99.2

People per square kilometer=270.5

Number of children per woman=1.9

Current Population=65.4M

Estimated Population 2050=71.2M


From the Data shown on the DTM Graphs both France and the United Kingdom seem to both have a relatively large portion of their populations in the ages of 50-54 and 55-59 for which around 3.2% to 3.4% respectfully, where the two counties begin to deviate from each other significantly is one in France the average age for a Women to be over the age of 85+ is 2.3% which compared to the United Kingdom is only 1.7% while on the men side of things is about the same for this group at 1.1% in France and 0.9% in the United Kingdom. Another area the separates France and The United Kingdom is in what the Projections for Population growth will be 25.3 more in the United Kingdom than in France in 2050 even when in France the er of children per woman is 2.1 compared to The United Kingdom`s 1.8.