Lesson 12 East Asia Coronavirus Finds Fuel in a World of Migrants

For this weeks article, I found one on the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus the title of this article is as follows: Coronavirus Finds Fuel in a World of Migrants  this article is about how the Coronavirus has spread rapidly through the migrant population of all parts of the World especially in counties like Thailand, Singapore, India, Afghanistan, Iran. The reason for this rapid spread in these counties is first tried to when they close down their borders with their Neighbors, which for the migrant population panicked in these countries which caused the spread to happen faster and hit this part of the population hard as well as losing their jobs overnight in some countries.   Along with some of the quarantine areas that these people are having to live in since most are in extremely close-quarters and not well-maintained Buildings and toilets especially. This article connects to geography by how the migrant population has had to move across country borders that not only made the spread worse and spread to other areas.