Russian Blog Post Chapter 5

The title of the Article I pick for this week's assignment on Russia is: After a String of Nuclear Incidents, Russia Just Launched a Floating Nuclear Power Plant. Is It Safe?

This article is about the recently launched Vessel that has two nuclear power plants built into it called Akademik Lomonosov, this new ship is to be launched from the Arctic city of Murmansk, Russia from there the destination of this ship will be to travel 2,900 miles to the Arctic port city of Pevek for where it will be stationed and turned into a fully functioning nuclear power plant that will supply that city of 4,000 people with power the equivalent of 70 megawatts of electric power and 50 Giga calories of heat energy every hour to the city for which this potential energy generation could sustain a population of 100,000 people.

Now with this great energy power that Russia`s plan on using on this boat does not come without some major concerns from many in the international community considering how Russia has a relatively bad reputation when it comes to working with nuclear power. What concerns them the most is how Russia does not always have that best way of being transparent when it comes to working with nuclear power or asking for aid when a problem arises, along with some environmental concerns as well from such groups as Greenpeace.

But on the other had some people think that Russia`s new nuclear power plant ship will be a great success for the country and possibly the world, some say that this is something that is not new to Russian ships since they have been putting nuclear reactors on Ice-breakers and submarines for years and the reactors that have been built into the vessel are the same KLT-40S they have used for those same ships.   Now only time will tell how this new vessel will do and how it will change the geography for the Russian people and quite possibly the world.