Blog Post South America One of the Worlds Most Endangered Forests

The title of this week's article is One of the world’s most endangered forests originally planted by ancient South Americans, discover archaeologists.

In this weeks article is about the as the title suggest is about one of the worlds oldest Forests and more importantly a specific tree that is in most of these forests that are the Monkey Puzzle tree for which there are 19 species of this type of tree and 5 of them are on the endangered species list while 2 of them on on the critically endangered species list. This forest of these Monkey Puzzle trees are found in parts of Chile, Brazil, and Argentina, where a researcher has asked the question of how did these special trees get to South America?

Well, he found that they had not been just spread around these parts of South America normally by natural processes but more by a bit of human intervention from the Southern Je indigenous people that began to take the trees into different parts of Chile, Brazil, and Argentina the reason for this is they had been using the trees for timber, fuel, food, and resin. But unfortunately, where the indigenous people try to plant the trees were not geography or the most suitable places for these old trees, this was found when the trees would only grow on the Southside of most of the places they were planted because of Climate and the geography that they were placed on as well as they would not grow as tall.