Blog 1: Introductions

Hey Class, my name is Jesse Stickel. I am currently a sophomore attending UAF, I am currently studying Elementary Education in hopes of becoming a gym or math elementary school teacher one day. As of right now I have been enjoying playing Intramurals (Basketball and Volleyball) with many of my friends. I am also currently a manager for the UAF Women's Basketball Team. This class is a needed requirement for my degree and I'm very excited to be taking this course.

I have taken Geography in the past but never online, I'm excited to see how this format differs from a face-to-face class. Thinking back to my previous classes I don't recall a lot of what we learned but I'm sure that taking this class will refresh my mind and it will become clear. I'm super excited for this semester and hope everyone has an enjoyable one too.

My name is Carl Ravenscroft. My major is Earth Science. I wish to eventually work somewhere in the mining industry in the state or elsewhere in the world.   I am taking this course as an elective related to my degree program. I was born in Kotzebue, a small town in the northwest arctic borough of Alaska.   I have grown up in the Fairbanks area.    Within the state, I have lived in Kotzebue, Anchorage, Fairbanks, North Pole, and Kodiak.   The state is large and each city/town/village features different cultures and weather patterns.   The city of Kodiak on the island of Kodiak features commercial fishing and non-commercial fishing prominently.   Anchorage is the most urban city in Alaska even if there are larger cities in the lower 48.   Fairbanks and North Pole are similar but North Pole is more of a small town.   Fairbanks is sort of a hub.   With rail transport, international airport, and the main road system.   Each connects surrounding communities.   Kotzebue is a small town serving as a hub for small planes flying out to the smaller surrounding villages.

Hi, My name is Josh. I am currently in the nursing program, and decided to take this class because I am generally interested in geography. It is not a requirement for my degree program, but what the heck. I was born in Fairbanks Alaska, and attended school in Fairbanks thru high school. After high school I joined the military, which has taken me all over the globe, and allowed me to experience many places that others have not. Fairbanks was my last duty station intentionally because I plan to stay her for the time being. The three places that I posted were, Birthplace - Fairbanks Alaska

Current - Fairbanks Alaska

Adak Alaska for my place of choice to visit.

Hello! I am a student at UAF who's kind of in a transitional phase right now, going from physics to chemistry. This course fulfills one of my GER credits and my girlfriend (a geography major) highly recommended this course from her personal experience with it. As you can probably tell I have a background in the physical sciences, so most of the stuff I'll be learning in this course is entirely new and unfamiliar to me! I watch some loosely geography-related YouTube channels such as Real Life Lore and Wendover Productions, but that's about the extent of my geography knowledge.

My three map locations are as follows:

Birthplace: Torrance, CA

Current residence: Fairbanks, AK

Place I wish to travel to: Tokyo, Japan (and also older towns away from the big city)

My name is Zakary Skinner and I am a 1st or second-year student at UAF. I am a cripple from an accident that happened in 2018. I am currently in the hospital so this class is going to be a little weird for me in the beginning.

I have studied geography before although it was quite a while ago (Junior High). When I did take the class I was pretty good at it and it was an easy A for me as I have always been good with geography-related topics.

This course is not a requirement for my degree.

For the introductory class-map, I put Fairbanks medical hospital as the place I was born. I also still live in Fairbanks and haven't moved anywhere else. The place I most want to visit and the place I will most likely move is in Washington because most of my friends live there.

Hello! My name is Alyssa Montano and I was born and raised in Alaska. This is my 3rd year at UAF. I am majoring in elementary education and wanted to take this course online so I can work as a substitute teacher with an open schedule. I have always loved geography and learning about new places. In my junior year of high school, I was fortunate enough to go on exchange. I chose to go to Latvia because my grandmother was born there and wanted to learn more about it. I fell in love with Latvia and decided to apply for nursing school there. I didn't pass the first semester so I decided to come back to UAF and continued to study nursing before I changed my major a few weeks ago. I can definitely see myself being a geography teacher. I hope this course will help me in my career and show me some new places and cultures.

Hello, class! My name is Katelyn VanHoutan. I’m currently working full time as a nanny and in school full time working towards my degree in Education. I’m originally from Bettendorf, Iowa so I love to spend as much time as I can outside enjoying the beauty that is Alaska. I live in Fairbanks in   a dry cabin with my boyfriend and the best dogo, Paxt. I have not studied Geography since I was in high school. Although this course is a requirement for my degree, I look forward to gaining knowledge on Geography and the multiple ways it has played important roles in the evolution of people, their ideas, places, and environments. On the map assignment I placed pin marks on Bettendorf, Iowa as my birthplace, Fairbanks as my current place of residence, and Greece as the place I most want to visit. I look forward to working with you all this semester!

Hello all! My name is Christina Love. I believe I took a geography class in high school but, I apologize, I don’t remember a whole lot from high school. 13 years ago when I attended, I feel like I did more sleeping than studying. This course is a requirement for my degree. It caught my eye and looked interesting since I do not know much on the subject. The places I plan to identify on the map are my birth place of Garden City Kansas, my current residence of Reynoldsburg Ohio, and Santorini Greece which I would love to visit one day. I say that I "plan" to add these to the map because I am having some technical difficulties, but fingers crossed, I'll figure it out soon! I am in the military, I have an amazing husband and one year old son, and I look forward to exploring the world with each of you!

Greetings everyone,

My name is Vincent Guerena and I am currently taking this geography class for my teaching degree. I have studied geology in the past, and I will say that it is not my expertise. A bit about myself: I do love animals, I currently own two cats, and I am currently trying to get into the betta fish hobby. Aside from animals I am a cartoon artist in the works, old Warner Bros. cartoons (such as Loony Tunes and Animaniacs) have always inspired me to draw, so my art style shares similarities as those cartoons were my references. I do have dreams of becoming an animator, but that is something I plan to carry out on my spare time.

For my three map locations, my birthplace was in Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore as my dad was in the air force so we traveled around frequently. I am currently living in Anchorage Alaska and recently moved to the small neighborhood of Marsha Loop. The place I wish to visit is Tokyo Japan, for a few years I grew up just on the outskirts of Tokyo where a U.S. Military base was. I wish to revisit Japan just for memory sake.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post, I wish a wonderful semester for everyone!

I am Andrew Parker and I am a second year student at UAF. I haven't formally been taught geography since my sophomore year of high school, but I've studied it quite a lot on my own time. This course isn't a requirement, but I thought it would be nice to have a refresher on geography. The three locations I put on the class map were Fairbanks AK, for both my place of birth and place of residence, and Dublin, Ireland or Ireland in general since I love its history and really would like to visit one day.