Blog 1: Introductions

Hello, I'm Forrest. I'm taking this class online because the physical location was all filled up. This class is going to be a requirement for me later down the line (teaching). My only experience with Geography has been putting names to states. I was born in Juneau before moving here. I've always wanted to visit all the villages in Alaska since I want to be able to explore the state I live in, but if I had to primarily pick a location it'd probably be Nome mostly because you hear about it all the time as a kid reading 'Balto'.

Hi, I'm Malcolm Yerkes, and I'm a freshman at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I am currently an undeclared student, and this class will get me closer to the degree that I choose. Back in my senior year of high school, I had to take two semesters of Geography online for credit.

As I posted before on the map, I'm from Nikiski, AK, I currently live in Fairbanks, AK, and I would really like to visit Finland someday.

Hello, my name is Emmaleigh Sagoonick. I am a junior in high school and i have studied geography multiple times in highschool and junior high. I am taking this class undeclared and I am filling this in for extra credit for high school as an elective.

Hello, my name is Dylan Bursell. I am a sophomore here at UAF and I am working towards my bachelors in biology. This is a general education requirement for my degree. The last time I took a geography class was sometime in high school. I am from Long Beach, MS ,but moved to Fairbanks, AK after joining the Army. I chose Sydney, Australia as the place I would like to go because I would like to visit the beaches along the coast and also to be able to explore a different part of the world.

Hi everyone, my name is Abigail Hills. I was born in Washington but moved up here for my father's job. I currently live in a small community on Prince of Wales Island. I am a senior in high school this year. I am planning to continue my college education but also join the Army. I have not taken a geography class before. I am looking into getting a degree in Justice and I am not positive if this class is a requirement for my degree. I am looking forward to this class.

Hey guys, my name is Godfrey Kilayko, I'm an active duty soldier currently deployed in Iraq. You guys must've seen the news a few days ago and all is well out here. I was born and raised in the Philippines, moved to the U.S at the age of 14, joined the army right after high school, and got stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska (I hate the Cold). If you guys are wondering where I'm from back in the States, well guess what?   You guys ever heard of the phrase "First in Flight"? Yup you guessed it right.....I'm from North Carolina. Anyways, this is my first year in college (or I must say first year taking online college classes); I'm pursuing an associates degree in science and hopefully work on getting my bachelor's in the future. This is more of a back up plan for me in case I get out of the army and go back to school. I studied geography back in high school and it was one of my favorite class that I took HANDS DOWN! One of the places that I've been wanting to visit is Japan, because it's known for it's wonderful culture, great food and ANIME! Looking forward on having a good time in this class! And have a wonderful day!

Hey there, my name is Kiara Kearns and I’m excited for this class! I studied geography a very small amount in elementary school and in middle school but I don’t recall much. This course is a requirement for my elementary education class although I’m happy to take part in it. Three locations I placed on the class map include: Escondido California, Denver Colorado, and Anchorage Alaska. I was born in Escondido, I currently live in Anchorage, and I would love to visit Denver because I have been once before and there was so much to do and I enjoyed it!


My name is Alison Trubacz and I am a Junior at UAF studying to get my degree in Business Administration. As I pinned in the map exercise, I was born in Fairbanks, live in North Pole, and would love to visit Paris one day! I am a mother to two young children and also work full time as an Administrative Assistant at The North Pole Police Department. I enjoy hunting, fishing, riding horses, and spending time with my family.

I have studied Geography once before as a requirement in High School but other than that I have not studied much Geography at all! I am taking this course because it is a requirement for my degree but I am also excited to learn more about geography as a whole.