My name is Carl Ravenscroft. My major is Earth Science. I wish to eventually work somewhere in the mining industry in the state or elsewhere in the world.   I am taking this course as an elective related to my degree program. I was born in Kotzebue, a small town in the northwest arctic borough of Alaska.   I have grown up in the Fairbanks area.    Within the state, I have lived in Kotzebue, Anchorage, Fairbanks, North Pole, and Kodiak.   The state is large and each city/town/village features different cultures and weather patterns.   The city of Kodiak on the island of Kodiak features commercial fishing and non-commercial fishing prominently.   Anchorage is the most urban city in Alaska even if there are larger cities in the lower 48.   Fairbanks and North Pole are similar but North Pole is more of a small town.   Fairbanks is sort of a hub.   With rail transport, international airport, and the main road system.   Each connects surrounding communities.   Kotzebue is a small town serving as a hub for small planes flying out to the smaller surrounding villages.