Blog 1: Introduction

Greetings everyone,

My name is Vincent Guerena and I am currently taking this geography class for my teaching degree. I have studied geology in the past, and I will say that it is not my expertise. A bit about myself: I do love animals, I currently own two cats, and I am currently trying to get into the betta fish hobby. Aside from animals I am a cartoon artist in the works, old Warner Bros. cartoons (such as Loony Tunes and Animaniacs) have always inspired me to draw, so my art style shares similarities as those cartoons were my references. I do have dreams of becoming an animator, but that is something I plan to carry out on my spare time.

For my three map locations, my birthplace was in Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore as my dad was in the air force so we traveled around frequently. I am currently living in Anchorage Alaska and recently moved to the small neighborhood of Marsha Loop. The place I wish to visit is Tokyo Japan, for a few years I grew up just on the outskirts of Tokyo where a U.S. Military base was. I wish to revisit Japan just for memory sake.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post, I wish a wonderful semester for everyone!