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"Think Politics Are Bad in the U.S.? Welcome to Venezuela"

While the economy is in desperate need and in an economic decline, the people of Venezuela are angry. There are protests in the streets and the president, Nicolas Maduro, isn't doing anything about it. He begins to insult the political issues, puts out a dance with a radio show, then goes to give a speech about how they [the opposition] would gain control.

Maduro isn't showing any clear signs of even wanting to try to pull Venezuela out of political and economic problems. Due to this, there has been a suspension to all of the protests in the street. But, people are thinking that this is only happening to give Maduro some time by having people in the street, angry and upset.

Some geographic concepts in this article is in fact, the relationship between the president, opposition leaders, and the citizens of Venezuela. The president has no intention of taking Venezuela out of an economic crisis and the opposition leaders are impacted by this. Then of course, the citizens are impacted the most because of the fact that they don't have money for food and other living supplies. They aren't in great hands.