Blog 5: East Asia and Southeast Asia

"Anger Erupts in China After Teen Says Guardian Repeatedly Raped Her"

An eighteen year old, Xingxing, comes out with her story about a successful businessman in Beijing raping her for years. When she was fourteen years old, her mother sent her to this man to be her caretaker. But instead, she was raped by him for many years. Since the accusations arose, Bao Yuming denied all wrongdoing and he has been let go from his position at a huge oil company in eastern China.

Xingxing stated that Bao became abusive really fast, once he became her guardian. And with her speaking about her experiences, it is believed to be extremely important in the country's #MeToo movement. Her accusations spread through social media, lawyers, activists, intellectuals, and celebrities. Everyone is expressing their support for her. Many people are even saying that China needs to do more to prevent sexual assault on children.

Some geographic concepts involved in this article consist of location, region, patterns, and size and scale. The article talks about where this stuff is located. It's happening in China, eastern Asia. After Xingxing came out with her story, we are seeing a pattern arise of others, who were sexually abused, standing up. With size and scale, that is where the #MeToo movement comes in. Despite China's strict Communist Party's limit, this place of activism is growing and it should be expected to continue to grow.