Blog: South Asia

For this assignment, I picked Yemen and Omen.


102.2 males per 100 females

55.5 people per sq. km

3.3 children per woman

29.3 Million population

46.1 million estimated for 2050


117.9 males per 100 females

11.5 people per sq. km

2.8 children per woman

3.6 million population

5.4 million estimated for 2050


Yemen and Oman's numbers are similar when it comes to the child per woman and males to 100 females. There are more people per square km in Yemen than Oman. There is a very low percentage of people that are 75 years and older. Oman's numbers are almost the same as Yemen's but Oman has a lower percentage of 10-19 years old.

There is a big difference in population between the population in Yemen than in Oman. There is a 25.7 million difference in the current population to be exact. There is also going to be a drastic population level in 2050.