Blog: South and East Asia / Muslim leader charged with murder of hundreds

India is charging the Muslim leader with culpable homicide. The Muslim leader held a meeting last month and authorities are lead to believe that the meeting is the main cause of the coronavirus outbreak. It is to be believed that Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh were taken into quarantine after they had attended the meetings.  The police initially filed a case against Muhammad Saad Kandhalvi for violating the ban on big gatherings because of the virus but now invoked the law against culpable homicide. The Delhi police had one report against him and then later 304 more were added on. At the beginning of the month, there was a third of the 3,000 coronavirus cases at that time were people who attended the meeting or those who were later exposed to the infected people. India's tally of coronavirus infections has since jumped to 12,380, including 414 deaths, as of Thursday. The meeting was held in Delhi India. Delhi has almost 19 million people. The towns around Delhi have smaller numbers of the population. The coronavirus spreads quicker if the is a higher population. It spread through Delhi really fast due to the number of people. It will continue to spread to the nearby cities. Delhi is close to the top of India. It is close to Pakistan and Nepal. The virus is more likely to spread there before it spreads to Telangana which is south of Delhi.