Blog: Population Geography

I chose to compare Iraq and Iran.


Males per 100 Females: 101.4

People per square kilometer: 87.0

Number of children per woman: 3.5

Current Population: 38.0 Million

Estimated Population 2050: 63.0 Million


Males per 100 Females: 102.8

People per square kilometer: 54.8

Number of children per woman: 1.9

Current Population: 84.0 Million

Estimated Population 2050: 98.6 Million

Iraq's population pyramid looks like an actual pyramid ranging from most percentage of the population is 0-4 years old and least percent is 85 years old and up. This type of pyramid shows that the birth rate is higher than the death rate and indicates population growth. While Iran's population pyramid is smaller at the younger and older ages and bigger at the middle ages. This type of pyramid indicates that there are fewer females at the childbearing age having children and is slowing the population growth.

Although Iran will continue to have a higher population than Iraq in 2050, the graphs show that over time Iraq could pass Iran in population by having a faster rate of population growth.