Venezuela Is ‘Worst Case Scenario’ for Coronavirus

This news article explains how Venezuela has rampant poverty and an already damaged health care system. The health care system began crumbling 10 years ago and ever since the mortality rate has been increasing. The deputy assistant secretary for Cuba and Venezuela said that the country is lacking in water, soap, and electricity. The country has an official population of 30 million with only 90 ICU beds. At the time the article was posted there was only 91 active cases and no reported deaths but other countries in South America already had considerably high amount of cases such at 2,000 in Brazil. However the numbers are probably much higher due to lack of a good health care system.

Some of the geographical concepts in this article are physical, how Venezuela physically borders Brazil. The article also discusses economic growth and how the countries health care system is diminishing and 90% of the countries population are under the poverty level.