Blog: South America

For this assignment, I decided to focus on a burning current event topic, the coronavirus. When I stumbled across this article I was very intrigued!

"Brazil Isolates Cruise Ship in Northeastern port After Suspected Coronavirus Case"

This article informs its readers on the specific situation involving the coronavirus in South America. Brazil decided to quarantine a cruise ship carrying 609 passengers that recently came from a port in Salvador. A 78-year-old Canadian man came down with symptoms of the virus including fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties. It was in South America's best interest to isolate this cruise ship to try and prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

As of the current situation, South America is one of the contents with the least amount of cases of the coronavirus. Therefore they need to protect their borders from people that could potentially spread the virus. Geographically a cruise ship can connect all parts of the world, with people coming from everywhere. This cruise ship crossed an ocean which would have been a natural barrier to diseases. However in our global world today we are very connected with modern travel. In addition, the cruise ship stopped in multiple parts across the world picking up more germs along the way. It was a wise choice to isolate the ship in regard to its geographic location because it had visited other parts of the world.

Looking at the map, using the link below, one can clearly see that South America is not a part of the heavily concentrated coronavirus spots. Therefore if South America acts in the right ways it can prevent more cases coming to its' continent from places like North America and especially Europe and China.