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Ronaldinho in court in Paraguay over fake passport claims


Former professional footballer Ronaldinho and his brother were both caught trying to use fake identification to enter Paraguay. Despite how simple the scenario is there is actually a lot to unpack.


First and foremost, the brothers swore that they received the passports when they arrived in Paraguay, claiming that they assumed that the passports were a courtesy gesture, which is a ridiculous notion, considering that Ronaldinho and his brother are both native Brazilians, and still live there to this day. To get a passport from Paraguay, they would have had to live in Paraguay for over three years in order to get their passports, but that is only the first of many steps required in order to obtain a passport from there.


Some of the geographical concepts highlighted here are the transition zones and regions, or where Brazil becomes Paraguay, and the laws change, and trying to sneak in doesn’t always go over well. It is arguable that spatial systems are also at work here considering that both Brazil and Paraguay operate differently at their core.


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