Kiara – Population Geography in South Asia and Beyond

Kiara Kearns

February 9, 2020

Population Geography in South Asia and Beyond

The two countries that I chose were the United States and Canada. I checked the blog and made sure that my classmates have not chosen these countries. I observed and compared these countries’ population pyramids and related information.

97.3 Males per 100 Females

36.3 People per square miles  

Number of children per woman 1.9

Current Population 331.9 million  

Estimated Population 2050 About 400 million


Canada has  

98.4 Males per 100 Females

4 People per square kilometer

1.6 Number of children per woman

Current Population 36.1 million  

Estimated Population 2050 41.1 million  

More women are living to be 100+ in Canada while many more millions are being born in the United States. The United States has a larger, thicker pyramid due to the higher population. The biggest difference I noticed was that the US has many more children and teenagers.  

Both in Canada and in the United States, the population is predicted to continue growing and be higher in 2050. Although, the United states is growing faster and at a higher rate. This is reflected in the population pyramids because the US’s pyramid is bigger and thicker than Canada’s and will continue to grow, similarly to Canada’s, but at a higher rate.