Virus Fallout Hits Lake Baikal as Chinese Tourists Stay Away

This article is about the effects that the caronavirus is having on the Russian tourism industry around Lake Baikal. Russia receives 15 million tourists from China yearly and a popular time for travel is during the New Year season. This year however, due to the worldwide panic over the caronavirus and related travel-bans, Chinese tourists are not arriving. In the article, many hospitality-industry businesses are very conserned with the lack of business.

I wanted to pick an article about the Siberian Lake Baikal because its an extremely fasinating geographic feature. While it is only the seventh largest by surface area, it is the deepest lake on earth, the oldest and contains a quarter of the entire world's fresh surface water. This is due to its location in the deepest continental rift valley in the world. It is a part of the Yenisei River basin and is surrounded by the Baikal Mountians and the Barguzin Range. Located just above Russia's southern border with Mongolia, it has a long history of human inhabitation and conflict.