Ukraine: Conflict at the Crossroads of Europe and Russia

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This article, though it was categorized as a news article, read more like a an explanatory piece. It seemed as if it were meant to give some backstory to other articles talking about specific events  rather than a news piece talking about any one new event. The article dug deeper into the ties between Ukraine and Russia, and illuminated the reader about some tensions between the two countries. It discusses how Ukraine is struggling with corruption and a desire to push ahead and become a world power, while making very little headway. The country is divided between trying to loosen ties to Russia and associate as more European, and staying true to the Russian roots of the country. Crimea was mentioned as a landmark in Ukranian and Russian history, with that land being the first to be annexed since the second world war. Crimea is a patch of land to the East of Ukraine, at the border between it and Russia. Its location between the two makes it a prime location to seize.

In essence, this piece discusses the ties and conflicts between the two countries. Their history is interwoven deeply, and independence from each other will be a long and difficult process. The article explains Russia attempting to keep Ukraine to itself, while the majority of Ukraine would like to increase the separation and mold itself into a thoroughly European country.