Blog: Russia, Montano

While the news organization Russia Today can sometimes be biased, I found this article had none and thought it was interesting. The article is titled, "Coronavirus food warning: PRICES DOUBLE in Russia’s Far East after Chinese border closed, vegetable supplies running scarce". The article discusses how the price of produce has doubled in Siberian districts like Khabarovsk, Primorsky, and Yakutia. The only district I have heard of was Yakutia because its' capital city Yukatsk is sister cities with Fairbanks. Yakutia is the largest and coldest territory in Russia which may explain it have a population just under a million. Khabarovsk krai borders Yakutia and the Pacific Ocean. Primosky krai lies under Khabarovsk krai and between China and the Pacific Ocean. It is also is the only region to border North Korea. I can understand how this will effect daily life for Russians in small towns in these areas. Since Russia is still in the dead of winter, there have been shortages of vegetables in some areas because of lack of local supplies and suspension of incoming produce from China due to the Coronavirus. The article says that in some places the prices of cucumbers has doubled. Cucumbers and pickles are a diet staple for many Russians. This not only effects Russia's society, but Russia's economy.