Russia and Nuclear Weapons -Love, C

“What a Deadly Nuclear Explosion in Russia Tells Us About the World’s New Arms Race'

The article I chose was from the suggested list of websites, This article discussed the imposing threat of a nuclear arms race around the world. You would think that Chernobyl would have taught Russia a thing or two, but it is evident by this article that they are on a self-fulfilling destructive path. The article began discussing an explosion during nuclear testing at a northern military base. Geopolitics were very evident throughout this article and you could surmise from this secret military testing that economic geography was sure to play a part as resources are shifted and increased. There were also some key topics discussed such as treaties expiring soon between the US and Russia and that it’s likely there won’t be many legal constraints in the future. It was alarming to hear that seven people died in this nuclear explosion that Russia was ultimately trying to hide. As if that wasn't bad enough, in 2010 a Russian submarine sank and the Russian government was willing to let over one hundred of their men die to contain the nuclear secrets on board. This is affecting our physical geography as they allow these killer weapons to contaminate our oceans and our soils.