Russia Blog: Update

I have decided to scrap my old post for a topic better suited for the subject at hand. With that being said I found another article: “Melting glaciers in the Russian Arctic reveal five new islands'.

The Russian Navy had discovered islands back in 2016 through the use of satellite imagery and the size of the islands according to the article:

“They range in area from 900 to 54,500 square meters (about 9,690 to 586,630 square feet) -- as big as 10 football fields.'

As for the precise location of these islands, they can be found near the coast of Novaya Zemlya and close to the Vylki Glacier. Russian Navy researchers have been using satellite data in order to map out and study the changes in the Novaya Zemlya coastlines and Franz Josef land. Between 2015-2018, around 30 more islands had been discovered off of these coastlines and bay areas. A similar topic happened over in the glaciers of Canada when land that had been buried for over 40,000 underneath the Arctic snow and ice.

My personal views of the topic are a mix of fascination and ironic twist. While global warming is expected to take land away due to flooding, we are instead discovering hidden lands within glaciers.