Hello all!

My name is Kat Buchanan. I am a senior at UAF pursuing a double major in Fine Art and Biology. I have also completed my Associates in Paramedicine at the UAF CTC campus. Currently, I am working as a firefighter/paramedic here in Fairbanks. I am taking this class because it was in the list of optional humanities/social sciences classes that I need to graduate, and this class looked interesting. I have studied geography a few times in grade school, but never in college. I do travel quite a bit though, if that counts as "studying".

The three locations I chose for my map were: Fairbanks, AK, Juneau, AK, and Antarctica. I currently live in Fairbanks, I was born in Juneau, and I really want to travel to Antarctica which I will (hopefully!) be doing January of 2021. I have to say, one of my main motivators for that destination is the possibility of seeing penguins. Penguins are rad.