Introduction 1a

Hello Everyone!

My name is Laura Kercher and I am on my second semester here at UAF, however my third year of college overall. When I was a senior in high school I was also a freshman in college and took classes at the community college in my town. I originally wanted to become a dentist, but now I have decided to become an elementary school teacher, and I couldn't be happier.

I am originally from Germany and moved to New York State in 2007 because of my dad's work. My whole family is "pure" German, and the rest of my family, besides my mom, dad, and brother, still live in Germany. In 2018 I met my now fiance Jake in our home town while he was home from basic training. We are currently living in Missouri until the end of the summer, and then the two of us will move to Alaska for our next duty station. I am very excited!

I am pretty sure I have studied geography before in grade school at some point, but never at a college level. In addition, it is a requirement for my degree.

The three places I submitted in the map assignment are:
Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany... More specifically Hofheim
Current Place of Residence: Waynesville, MO
Place Most Want to Visit: Greece because of its beautiful architecture and to experience their culture.