Blog 1 Introductions

Hello class, my name is Talisha and I recently transferred from UAA to UAF.   I have previously studied geography in Elementary school but it was very basic.   This course is required for my Elementary Education Degree.   I hope one day to be an art teacher in an Elementary school.   My goal is to first teach Elementary and in the future get a Master's or Ph.D. in Fine Arts to be a college professor.   I really love art history so geography will help my knowledge in art to visualize the location of the history that occurred in each area.

The three locations I placed in the Introductory Class Map was Monterey, CA where I was born, Anchorage, AK where I currently live, and Rome, Italy where I would like to travel.   I would love to travel to Rome because there is a lot of art history that occurred in that area.   I would love to see the Vatican, Colusseum, and the Pantheon.   Places I have visited before is Brazil and Japan so that is off my list of places to visit.   I hope to have a great semester!