P. Hum

Good day to you all. You can call me Hum. I'm currently in my final year of studies at UAF and am looking forward to graduating. Heh heh. My major is Japanese Studies, which means as per UAF JS degree requirements I've been to Japan and have spent roughly a year there in school including a fair bit of travel. Primarily in the wonderful city of Nagoya. You'll find it just south of Tokyo, and east--or so-- of Osaka. It is the best city of the three, but I am certainly biased.

I am, perhaps, of an older generation of mushers. It was my lifestyle for nineteen years, but times change as they say and I'm ready to move on from Alaska.

I have only studied Geography in an amateur setting and possess no field related knowledge, though perhaps navigating while mushing, hiking or within urban environments I'm at least familiar with some geography. I'm also quite partial to world building and cartography of limited skill, magic is deitous after all. This class is a requirement for my degree and I'm taking it instead of what I was taking: Anthropology. My previous Anthropology class didn't quite sit well with me. A shame, perhaps.

I believe that about covers the information relevant to this class.

~ Hum