Hello, my names Kathleen Teets but I like to be called Kathy for short. I was born in Beaver Falls, PA and officially moved to Fairbanks, AK about a year ago. I wouldn't say I'm from one area in particular since I was a military brat for the entire first portion of my life. I decided move to Alaska after living here with my parents for almost six years. I have never taken a class on geography but have always been interested in the topic. This actually isn't entirely needed for my degree either and I'm mainly taking this out of curiosity and for fun. I hope to learn something I haven't learned already and hope to have fun with this class.

The three places on the class map:

  1. Beaver Falls, PA (Birthplace)
  2.  Fairbanks, AK (Current residence)
  3.  Masai Mara, Kenya Africa (Where I want to visit)