Hi, I'm Julia Benedict. I've only really did as much geography as I had to because I'm really bad with maps don't trust any directions I give, I never really had a class focused on geography it's more of once a year I'd have to take the U.S states test. I'm currently aiming for a Digital Journalism major, and I might try to double or triple major by adding English and History majors in, so geography is a nice class to use as a general to see if I would like to continue taking geography classes.

I was born and raised in Colorado, born in Louisville, I was the only one of my ten siblings born there is they call it loserville. When I'm not in school I live in Thornton, Colorado my house is right on the border so some people consider it Brighton, Westminster, or Lafayette. The place I want to go to the most is St. Petersburg Russia, I love Russian history and I hope to go there for my year abroad.