Blog: East Asia – Importance of dairying in eastern Eurasia

5,000-year-old milk proteins point to the importance of dairying in eastern Eurasia

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In summary, the article talks about how researchers in collaboration with the National University of Mongolia, analyzed dental calculus from "individuals ranging from the Early Bronze Age to the Mongol Period... the study's results include the earliest direct evidence for dairy consumption in East Asia."

"Although dairy-based pastoralism has been an essential part of life and culture in the eastern Eurasian Steppe for millennia, the eastward spread of dairying from its origin in southwest Asia and the development of these practices is little understood."

Here is an excerpt from the article. "'In order to form a clearer picture of the origins of dairying in this region, we need to understand the impact of western steppe herder migrations and confirm whether dairying was occurring in Mongolia prior to their arrival,' Shevan Wilkin concludes."

The article is talking about the essentiality of the crucial renewable calories and hydration of dairying across the arid and agriculturally challenging ancient Eastern Steppe.