Population Italy Spain – Kells


For the population blog I chose Italy and Spain as the two countries for which I am comparing.

Spain Italy

Males per 100 Females = 97.6 93.0

People per square kilometer= 99.6 211.9

Number of children per woman= 1.5 1.5

Current Population= 49.7M 62.3M

Estimated Population 2050= 52.5 M   61.4 M

 The DTM graphs for these two countries look very similar, with nothing having stage 4 graphs.   Both countries boast populations with a majority in the age groups between 40-44, 45-49, and 50-54 years of age.   The countries differ however on the basis that while Spain is expected to grow in population (though minimally) Italy is supposed to decrease by the time that 2050 comes around.   Italy has a higher population percentage in the elderly populations while Spain has a higher population in the younger populations. This means that when Italy's elder population begins to die off there are less younger people to replace them and keep the population the same.   Meanwhile Spain has the opposite.